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Why Shop with Us?

Why us?

We areĀ a proud GoldendoodlesĀ breeders family. It was a passion of ours to nurture those newborns into healthy babies who foundĀ amazing forever homes. When it comes to taking good care of puppies, we think we know best! Our dogs are part of our family, have alwaysĀ lived in our home, and have grown up with our beds. So we stand by what we sell!

Why is Soft-Cloud Bed calming?

Our Soft-Cloud Bed works because it closely replicates the feeling of safety that puppies remember from being a tiny baby in amongst a pile of puppies.Ā The premium inner filling allows them to sink into and feel surrounded by, like aĀ bigĀ hug!

Why is Soft-Cloud Bed hassle-free?

Its flexible design allows you to seamlessly stuff it into your washing machine for the perfect clean every few weeks. You can even put it in the dryer! Never worry about those pet odors or excess hair, because with the Soft-Cloud Bed, you can keep your petā€™s bed clean year-round.