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About Us


We are proud to be Goldendoodles breeders. Playing with puppies all day long is one of the most fulfilling emotion on earth. With time, we ended up trying all sort of products for our fur babies, so we're in the best position to know what best fit a pup expectations =)

We naturally aim to provide the absolute best for our dogs and puppies, and we aspire to have the privilege to do the same for your own fur best friends.

Because I love this picture of myself with Buddy. Isn’t he too beautiful?! <3  

We have worked really hard to pull this all together simply to satisfy you - the end customer. Hopefully you can feel that genuine love for our products when purchasing from us.

The average dog spends roughly 50% of his life sleeping. That means that your dog will spend at least half his life on a bed – a quality bed for your pups is then an investment of a lifetime! Shop our selection of beds today to find the perfect one for your fur babies!

Happy shopping :)